What works for you?

How do you know which diet works best for YOU?

How do you know if you are working out in a way that is ideal for YOUR body?

Even beyond that, what about supplements? Medications? Lifestyle practices? 

Is there such a thing as the perfect health diet?

How do we know?

The first step is to have an idea of what's out there in the health world. What are the different dietary approaches out there? What are the different approaches to fitness and lifestyle?

It would take a few dissertations to cover all of that here. 

I start with some of the basic approaches to nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, supplements, and medications.

My goal is to provide objective information. Unlike most health gurus, my agenda is not to impose some arbitrary restrictions or rules on anyone. My goal here is to present some information that might be helpful. 

My advice to you is to try what SPEAKS TO YOU!

If you have done genetic SNP testing you can also apply that information to see if something might work for you or not. But remember the SNPs are all about POTENTIAL, the effects are not written in stone.

Once you have an idea of something you would like to try out, make a plan and do it. Use Body Tracking techniques to see if what you are doing is working for YOU. This is how you can become a Health Tracker!

Even if you know quite a bit about nutrition or fitness and you think you know what's out there, I suggest checking out the information. You never know when you'l hear something in a different way and see that it might work for you. 

If you first want to get an idea if you're diet is working well for you right now, take the Diet Quiz to get started.