Jill Cruz, MS, CNS, Founder of BodyBeheld

Jill Cruz, MS, CNS, Founder of BodyBeheld

I provide the following services:

1-on-1 Consultations in person or over phone or Facetime:

  • Providing guidance and support to help you with your health goals using nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle practices.
  • Reviewing genetic SNPs and going over nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle practices to help optimize the function of the metabolic pathways relating to those SNPs, and your specific health goals.
  • Guidance and support on how to become a "Health Tracker". If you are interested in learning how you can understand your body better, and then to use this information to optimize your health this is for you. 


Fees vary based on the consult. Typically for genetic SNP consultations the fee ranges from $165-200 for a 90-minute session.