FOOD BOSS Weight Loss Course

Be Fabulous Over 40!

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In this Online course I help women that struggle with their weight to take control of their eating habits so they can realize their potential and be fabulous and fit at any age! 

“I’m going insane thinking about food and my weight all the time”
“I’m terrified of doing all this work and then gaining the weight back again.”
“You know what? Eating ice cream makes me feel better. I know it’s bad for me, but sometimes I just don’t care.”
“I do fine until I’m stressed, then it all falls apart.”

These are just some of the quotes I’ve heard from people about their struggles with lasting weight loss.

Most of us know WHAT to do, but we can’t seem to figure out all the details of the “HOW”.

Since 2011 I have been working with people to guide them through the process of improving their health, many of whom have come to me with weight loss as a main or secondary goal. Most of my clients have known the basic concepts of what to eat in order to lose weight. What they struggle with is figuring out how to consistently follow those basic concepts to reach their goals.

Maybe you’ve tried losing weight but:

-Have given up because it felt too restrictive

-Have managed to lose weight but felt miserable and eventually gained all the weight back again

-Have trouble losing weight, “no matter what you do”

-Tend to sabotage your hard-earned weight loss with bad habits later on

I see that these are REAL struggles for people and most of the dietary advice out there doesn’t address them or just pays lip service to them. 

Achieving sustained weight loss in a way that is not only enjoyable but also comes from a place of power and control over your choices does not seem to be even possible if you look at the options offered out there.

And yet, being a healthy weight (for you) while having a positive relationship with eating is so important for living a long, productive, happy, and healthy life! 

Through my work I have come to discover that having the right mindset and enjoying nutritious AND delicious food are absolutely required for sustained weight loss to happen. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Community support, accountability, and proper goal setting are also crucial for success. I have found in my practice that when all of these factors are in place, the weight comes off and it stays off!

So I have set out to create a course that fulfills all of these needs. In this course I will provide accountability and support while showing you exactly how you can easily regain control over your eating, and have delicious and nourishing food that will allow you to lose weight while gaining health. Once you realize that you can CHANGE HABITS and use them to your advantage and that urges hold NO POWER OVER YOU, you will be free, you will be in control, you will be THE FOOD BOSS!

Here are some quotes from participants after just 3 weeks of the current course:


                    "I've tossed over 8 lbs and I'm going to the gym at least 3 times a week. Besides that I take hikes with the dog too. I love the food I eat and that really makes a difference for me."


                   "FoodBoss was the first and only program that made weight loss actually happen for me. The breaking down of all the different elements in our lives, like habits and cravings to what is real nutrition is what made the difference for me.
                    Really showing me where to start and how to break down and pick up every single little piece that was needed to change my lifestyle and see what I really needed to work on to make changes happen for me. Jill’s education, knowledge, dedication, accountability and follow ups was what finally worked for me!
                    Thank you Jill!
                    Ps I’m 10 lbs down today!! Feeling great, craving the gym etc etc" 


                  "The good news is I have been quite conscious about what I have been eating (really ramped up the vegetable count) and still exercising (honestly not quite as much as I usually do because of work commitments) and I have dropped 5 lbs. as of this AM."


                   "For me the big difference is that you are sharing your knowledge as a nutritionist not telling us what to eat or how much to eat. Knowledge is power."


                    "I have lost 2 lbs and about an inch overall. I'm on my way! Also, energy is better and cravings are much fewer"

Harness the power of habits, take control of urges, and design personalized meals that are nutritious and delicious!

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*The only thing I ask is that if you are thinking of signing up for the course, please be committed. Without commitment and belief that you can reach your goals, success will be much more difficult, if not impossible. 

The next Food Boss Course will start on Wednesday June 13th at 6:30 PM. It is an 8-week program that meets online for an hour each week, along with weekly tasks and goals. All meetings are recorded so if you can't make a meeting that is fine. The Course also includes 2 one-on-one consultations with me.

The curriculum is as follows:

  • Week 1: How to Evaluate Your Diet and Observe Your Body
  • Week 2: How to Change Habits
  • Week 3: How to Control Urges
  • Week 4: Exercise for Weight Loss
  • Week 5: 1-Week Super-Foods Challenge
  • Week 6: How to Optimize Your Metabolism
  • Week 7: How to Design Nutritious Meals
  • Week 8: How to Design Delicious Meals
  • Final Class: Going Forward
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On top of the lessons you will also get:


-Access to a private Facebook group, where you can connect with fellow students

-An email hotline to submit your questions and send feedback to me

-Free meal plans with shopping lists and recipes

-Guidance on health-related conditions that commonly make weight loss difficult


You will learn how to take control of your eating and show the food who is in charge, EVEN IF YOU HAVE STRONG CRAVINGS AND BAD HABITS that sabotage your weight loss efforts. And I will give you lots of support to make meals that are BOTH nutritious AND delicious, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A LOT OF TIME TO COOK! 

The cost of the full online course is $497. This includes 9 live classes, 2 1-on-1 consultations, free meal plans and delicious recipes, tons of resources about healthy eating and living, email hotline for Q&A, and access to the secret Food Boss Facebook Group, and oh yeah, a life-changing experience. 


*The only thing I ask is that if you are thinking of signing up for the course, please be committed. Without commitment and belief that you can reach your goals, success will be much more difficult, if not impossible. 

The recipe for successful and sustained weight loss is not found in some generic, dogma-laden diet book that knows nothing about you.

Rather, the recipe for success with weight loss is in finally taking control of your habits and urges WHILE eating delicious and nutritious food that is personalized to your needs! This is the only way to truly gain lifelong freedom from dieting and suffering through caloric-restriction or missing out on entire food groups.

This course is designed to teach you how to NOT suffer through the weight loss process. The goal is to help you realize your weight and body composition goals AND have a life.

And most importantly, my mission is to empower women to understand their bodies and to recognize that they are actually in control; no urge or bad habit is to blame for anything, you are the BOSS, and you can do this!

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SO, that's how everything will work. It's an 8-week program that will give you lifelong skills in how to harness habits for reaching your goals instead of being beholden to them. And I will show you how to prepare nutritious and delicious meals, which actually make up THE MAGIC BULLET we are all looking for to lose weight!


*The only thing I ask is that if you are thinking of signing up for the course, please be committed. Without commitment and belief that you can reach your goals, success will be much more difficult, if not impossible.