Welcome to the world of personalized health and nutrition!

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My goal is to help you to discover more about your body and what works and doesn't work for you on your journey to improved health.

Step #1 Recognize that you are unique and therefore what type of diet you eat, how you workout, and your lifestyle practices all need to be customized to suit your individual needs and preferences. On this website I have provided unbiased information about various popular dietary, fitness, and lifestyle practices. 


Step #2 Become a "Health Tracker"! A Health Tracker is someone that observes their body in both objective and subjective ways to see what is working and to continue to tweak health practices to reach their full potential. 

Step #3 If you want to dig deeper, consider doing DNA/Genetic SNP testing. Genetic SNP testing is still in its infancy but there is enough research out there to give you valuable information about diet, fitness, and lifestyle practices that are suited for your unique needs. 

Step #4 If you would like individual help with this please contact me for a consultation. Whether it's finding the right health practices for you, becoming a Health Tracker, or doing genetic SNP testing, I can help!