What is Genetic SNP Testing and Why Is It Important?

Your uniqueness comes, in part, due to your unique genes.

There is a lot of great technology out there now that can give us insight into our DNA.

This field is called Nutrigenetics (the study of the interaction of genes, diet, and health), and a similar term is Nutrigenomics (the study of how nutrients and genes interact at the cellular level). Some people may know about the field in regard to DNA methylation.

DNA technology and research is still in its relative infancy. But the data you get from DNA testing CAN be helpful IF used intelligently. I always recommend correlating the information about genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) with health history, any current challenges, lab work, diet, lifestyle, medications, and supplements. 

I provide information on various ways of testing DNA and what to do with that data. If you need more help I am trained by Dr. Ben Lynch of Seeking Health to interpret genetic reports. And I have interpreted hundreds of reports of all kinds, including Stratagene, Methylgenetic Nutrition Analysis, Livewello, Genetic Genie, and many more. Contact me if you are interested in a consultation. 

Testing for your microbial DNA is not as advanced or well-researched as what we have available for human DNA, but it is rapidly advancing. I am keeping a close eye on these developments and will report on it as it progresses. 

Watch the video for more details on how you can benefit from genetic testing. And visit "Find DNA Testing for Your Needs" for more info.