BodyBeheld is an answer to the two most common dietary dilemmas out there today.......confusion about which practices to follow........and trouble sticking to a plan (aka lack of continued inspiration)......

 Jill Cruz, MS, CNS founder of BodyBeheld

Jill Cruz, MS, CNS founder of BodyBeheld

My name is Jill Cruz. I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist and I have a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, CT

I have been working in a busy functional medicine practice called Hudson Valley Functional Medicine since 2011. 

I have worked with a broad variety of conditions and specialize in many healing diets including the Ketogenic Diet, The Patricia Kane Membrane Stabilizing Diet, the SIBO diet, and many more. My recommendations truly vary from person to person based on their unique needs, individual circumstances, likes and dislikes, genetic predispositions, and their financial and lifestyle requirements. 

Over the years I have become more and more convinced that people struggle most with lack of inspiration and/or confusion about which practices, whether they are dietary, fitness, or lifestyle, will work best for them.

There is so much information overload going on out there. And our modern lifestyles present so many obstacles to following the practices that we have chosen.

How can we overcome that?

My answer to that is to observe your body and identify what it needs and how it responds to various stimuli. 

Observing your body can be as simple as keeping a food and symptom journal. It can be as complex as doing DNA testing, logging various objective biomarkers (such as heart rate recovery, blood glucose, blood pressure, body temp, fat to lean tissue ratio, etc), and analyzing that data in relation to dietary, fitness, and lifestyle. 

What comes from this process is an incredibly powerful sense of confidence in all that you do.

When you understand how your body works you will know what to do. That doesn't mean there won't be some trial and error. There will be. But you'll be doing it an intelligent and evidence-based way...not just blindly following the "experts". 

Oh, and the best part is that when you are observing your body the desire to treat yourself right and do things that make you feel good, goes up and up and up! THIS is the key to staying inspired AND staying on track with the practices that you have committed to. No more yo-yo dieting! No more joining the gym and not going!