Use tools to track what's going on in your body

Use tools to track what's going on in your body

body tracking

You have so much information about yourself, right at your fingertips. From keeping a food journal to tracking your heart rate recovery during workouts, you can get amazing insights about what is going on inside. 

 Technology can give you answers

Technology can give you answers

dna testing

From genetic and micro biome DNA testing to working with a functional medicine doctor, there are many ways to check out "what's under the hood". That data can help you further optimize your health practices. 

 Explore various approaches to health

Explore various approaches to health

health perspectives

There is no such thing as the PERFECT diet or workout style. Use body tracking and DNA technology to guide you while you experiment with different styles of eating, exercise, and lifestyle practices. 


My Mission

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The diet and health world is littered with thousands of books all claiming that THEIR way is the answer everyone has been looking for. In my mind this defies all reason and logic. 

How do you know if what you are doing with your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle practices is working for you or not? 

It makes sense that the first step would be to observe your body! Maybe take some notes? How about using some simple tools to track markers such as heart rate, blood sugar, or body temperature?

And if you want to get fancy you can do really cool tests like mapping your DNA or testing the DNA in your own personal micro biome.

My mission is to help people shed the shackles of dietary dogma, and any other dogma for that matter. 

I want to help you become the master of your body. The confidence that comes from this is like no other. 

 Don't exercise without tracking

Don't exercise without tracking

Stop working out blindfolded

I am not joking about this one. If you learn nothing else from this entire site, please understand, it is incredibly important for your fitness success (and ultimately your cardiovascular health) to monitor your heart rate!!

Learn more about determining your resting heart rate to set cardio zones (it's super easy), monitoring your heart rate recovery time (watch it improve and get inspired!), and many other cool things about heart rate. 

use DNA technology to learn more about yourself  

Genetic testing is all the rage these days. And for good reason! Although there is still a TON we don't know, the info we do have can help point you in the right direction. 

DNA info can tell you if you are prone to being overweight, if you are more suited for endurance or strength training, if you should avoid gluten or lactose, and a whole lot more! 

And in the coming years more and more research is going to make micro biome DNA testing increasingly useful and relevant. 

 Your DNA can be very instructive on how you can address your health

Your DNA can be very instructive on how you can address your health

you have to start somewhere 

Being a Certified Nutrition Specialist I have worked with many people to find a way of eating that suits them. On this site my goal is to provide unbiased basic info about a variety of diets. I believe this will be a refreshing change from most of what you see all over the internet. You can read here about different dietary perspectives out there. If you are interested in getting an overview of fitness perspectives out there, check this out. 

If you haven't already, please fill out the "Diet Quiz" below to see if your diet is working for you or not.  

Experimentation is part of the process so don't worry if you don't get it right at first.